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Sameer Mathur

VP of Corporate Development and Product Marketing
Mathur is the vice president of corporate development and marketing for VirnetX. He's a security expert with deep expertise in VPNs, firewalls, authorization, encryption, cryptography, infrastructure, PKI, TCP/IP and IPSec.

Prior to joining VirnetX, Mathur successfully led number of products at SonicWALL, Inc. from inception to early stage deployment to mass customer adoption. While there, he played a key role making SonicWALL a leader in Secure Content Management and significantly increasing revenues from software and services products.

Mathur has over 17 years of high-tech experience, with an emphasis on Corporate Development, Strategy, IP & Technology Licensing, Alliances and Product Management. He held various business development, marketing and engineering positions at Zone Labs Inc., Phoenix Technologies Ltd., OEC Japan, IBM Japan and Pertech Computers Ltd.

Mathur holds a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Gujarat University, India.